Membership Standards

Membership Roster

The Coastal Valley Lines Membership Roster is the CVL record of the name, address, phone number(s), identifying color code, and the membership status of both Active Members and Inactive Members.

Active Member,
Active Member Status

An Active Member of the CVL is an individual who regularly attends the monthly membership meetings of the CVL. An Active Member has all voting rights and privileges. An Active Member may fully participate in any CVL activity. An Active Member Status is initiated by an individual who initials (or adds their name to) a membership roster with the intent of becoming an Active Member or maintaining an already Active Member Status while attending a monthly membership meeting. Active Member Status begins (or is renewed) at the next membership meeting and lasts for a period of one year.

Inactive Member

If an individual has not initialed (or added their name to) a membership roster at least once in 12 consecutive months, then that individual shall be considered an Inactive Member. Although still listed on the CVL Membership Roster, an Inactive Member does not have any voting privileges and may not necessarily participate in all CVL activities, including membership meetings. Reinstatement to Active Member Status is available to an Inactive Member by following the procedure stated herein under the section above titled Active Member, Active Member Status.

Removal From the CVL Membership Roster

Inactive Members will be removed from the CVL Membership Roster after being inactive for a period of one year.

An individual may be removed from the CVL Membership Roster and requested to not participate in any CVL activities, only at a monthly membership meeting following a full discussion of such removal and only after a majority vote for such removal by the Active Members in attendance at the meeting.